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Single Chip Stereo Imager

This page describes the first generation SSI (SSI-1).
The newer SSI2 is described in this presentation
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The Single-chip Stereo Imager (SSI) is an integrated circuit for stereo vision. It incorporates two 128x128 pixel current-mode imagers and current-mode analog computation circuitry on a single integrated circuit. The SSI is based on an algorithm designed for operation in current-mode analog VLSI [3]. The only computational blocks used are addition, subtraction, rectification (absolute value), and loser-take-all (finding the minimum).  The combination of two imagers and disparity computation circuitry on a single chip eliminates the need for separate imagers, analog-to-digital converters, and power-hungry DSPs or MPUs. Potential applications of the SSI include obstacle detection for autonomous robots, computer user-interface devices, and vehicle navigation.

A modified version of block matching is used to find the stereo disparity at each location in the field of view. At each (x,y) location, the sum-of-absolute-difference (SAD) is computed, in parallel, for each possible disparity. A loser-take-all (LTA) finds the disparity with the lowest SAD. The SSI is capable of operation at 66.1 million checked disparities per second (41fps) while drawing 12.7mA from a 5V supply, including imagers and computation circuits. The SSI occupies 4.23x4.23mm2 of area in a 0.5um 5V, 3m2p CMOS process.

The SSI2, a second version of the SSI, has been submitted (October 2003) for fabrication. The SSI2 was designed to address the shortcomings of the original SSI, including high imager fixed-pattern noise (FPN) and matching in the SAD computation circuits. The SSI2 occupies 12mm2 of area in a 0.35um 3.3V 4m1p CMOS process. Fabrication of the SSI2 was provided by MOSIS.

Block diagram of the SSI


A micrograph of the SSI is shown below. The two imagers and the sum-of-absolute-difference (SAD) and loser-take-all (LTA) computation circuits are highlighted. The total chip area, including pads, is 18mm2.

Micrograph of the SSI

Left image Right image
Computed disparity
Left and right images and computed disparity (from right to left image).

SSI General Characteristics

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