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Human Factors: Mobile Vision Enhancement System

Vision enhancement systems such as infrared imagers and night vision goggles aim to expand human vision capabilities beyond their standard limits. Their purpose is to allow people to perceive all relevant features in a scene such as positive and negative obstacles beyond the normal human ability or during conditions where human vision is normally impaired such as in low illumination conditions. Current vision enhancement devices fall just short of this goal, by enhancing human vision for many features, but they do not fully accentuate all revelant obstacles. Their limitation falls largely in the realm of displaying negative features such as drop-offs and holes.

This project aims to answer two questions in regards designing systems that achieve this goal.

  1. What should be the specifications and feature extraction capabilities of the electronics sensors used to accentuate terrain hazards?
  2. How should the sensors’ information be displayed to the viewer in a way that is nonintrusive to his/her natural capabilities and is optimally matched to human perception limits?

As a step towards answering the second question this project has focused on maximizing the amount of information shown and perceivable by the viewer when compressing high dynamic range images to fit on a low dynamic range display.
Tone Mapping Optimization