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Current Projects:

Wireless Biotelemetry Using Ultra-wideband Communications
Design/Test an implantable UWB wireless transceiver and antenna used for biotelemetry.

Proto-object based dynamic visual saliency model
A bottom-up, object-based saliency model that considers temporal change for computing a dynamic visual saliency map

Ultrasound intervnetional tool tracking and imaging systems
Ultrasound intervnetional tool tracking and imaging systems

Photoacoustic medical ultrasound systems
Photoacoustic medical ultrasound systems

Energy Efficient Compressed Sensing System for Neural Recording
Recovery algorithm, sensing matrix design, dictionary learning and circuit design for an energy efficient compressed sensing system for neural recording

Bidirectional Neuroprostheses
Design of a neuroprosthetic device that will re-enable locomotion in paraplegic individuals

Bio-Processing Microsystem
Design and implementation of a bio-processing microsystem

Color Glove for the Blind
Development of a color glove that allows the visually-impaired to sense color from their finger tips

Estimating Salience Using Wavelet Domain Entropy
A saliency model that estimates salience (the likelihood of attention) based on the entropy in an image

High sensitivity imagers for functional imaging
Design and implementation of a CMOS imager for head-mounted functional imaging in awake and behaving animals.

Integrate-and-Fire Array Transceiver
An array of integrate and fire silicon neurons with an Address-Event Representation (AER) interface.

Mobile Vision Enhancement System
Human factors in the design of vision enhancement systems

Motor Controller
Design of a reconfigurable and adaptive integrated microcontroller for minimally invasive surgery

Neural Cross Correlation Engine
Design of a low-power neuromorphic circuit that uses silicon neurons to produce a cross-correlation function for a pair of input signals

Neuromorphic Object Recognition
Design of an autonomous, continuous-time visual system that emulates object recognition in the primate visual cortex.

Normal Optical Flow Imager
A CMOS imager that computes the optical flow of the image.

Optical Flow for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Navigation
Using a two dimensional optical flow sensor to aid navigation of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in GPS denied environments

Optimization of Neural Networks
Configuring spiking neural networks using genetic algorithms

Single-Chip Stereo Imager
A stereo vision IC, including two APS imagers and video-rate depth-computation circuitry on one chip.

Single Ping Ultrasonic Scene Mapping
Development of an ultrasonic echolocation sensor for use on board a micro-Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Ultrasonic Imaging Array
Design and optimization of a tissue specific ultrasonic transducer micro-array

Past Projects:

Gait Adaptation on Visually Guided Walking Robots
Application of neurobiology to robotic leg locomotion.

Battery Cells Balancer
Design of an integrated balancer (with analog front-ends) which continuously monitors the state of battery cells

Low Noise Imager with Centroid Tracking
An imager that uses focal-plane processing to extract the centroid of a moving object in the field of view, and outputs a low-noise high-quality image of the scene

MEMS microphone
2D array of ultrasonic MEMS sensors with on chip processing designed for imaging hazardous enviorments.

Programmable Spatiotemporal Image Processor
A 16 x 16 pixel vision chip with on board spatiotemporal focal-plane processing.

Foveated Silicon Retina
VLSI design of a chip to compute direction of motion and centroid of a target and output the image of the target.

High Resolution Imager
Active pixel-sensor using a single-capacitor-single contact pixel in a BiCMOS process with CDS.

Ray Station
A rapid ray tracing 3D renderer built on custom multiprocessor hardware.